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Pennine Helicopters FAQ’s

Vouchers are valid for 12 months from your chosen start date – such as flight date, date of purchase, date of special occasion – Birthday, Christmas Day, Anniversary, etc.
On a helicopter flight day our pilot assesses the Met Office aviation weather forecast for the conditions at 2,000 feet, above ground level for the whole day and over a 50 mile radius from the venue, to determine whether the helicopter rides can proceed. It is sometimes the case that the weather at the venue is very different to your (or the helicopter’s!) starting location. Please ring Pleasure Flights Ltd’s checkline on the morning of your helicopter flight even if the weather seems bad, as if you do not turn up for a scheduled flight your voucher will become invalid. Helicopter pleasure flights are postponed in the interest of passenger safety/enjoyment. There may also, very rarely, be unforeseen circumstances (e.g. an emergency for which the helicopter has to be prioritised such as aerial fire fighting) which would lead to the cancellation of a flight day. Refunds are not made due to cancellations by ourselves. To save yourself an unnecessary journey, ring our checkline (01457 820152 or 01457 877 833) after 9.00am on the flight day, to hear the recorded message which confirms whether your helicopter ride is going ahead. Please DO NOT PHONE THE PUB.
No – you simply need to contact our office to reschedule for an alternative date (click here for an up to date list of forthcoming dates and venues). Your ticket becomes valid for a further 12 months from any date of cancellation by ourselves, irrespective of any price increases. Your voucher will only become void if a 12 month period elapses without the ticket being booked in.
Sensible footwear is advised as the majority of our locations are field sites. Your clothing should be appropriate for the weather conditions. The interior of the helicopter is as warm as the inside of a car.
Please report to a member of our staff upon arrival at the helicopter flight venue 15 minutes before your scheduled flight time. Our ground crew will take details of your postcode and weight. In the interests of security, frisking may take place and no hand luggage will be allowed with the exception of cameras.
It is necessary to book all helicopter flights to be taken within 12 months of the start day. We can sometimes accommodate seats on the day but to avoid disappointment and waiting, it is advisable to pre-book.
Seats may be cancelled within 72 hours of the flight, allowing the company to reallocate. Passengers not turning up for a helicopter ride or arriving late, will invalidate their voucher. Following cancellation by the customer a refund less 25% may be issued, at the discretion of the company on receipt of the unused ticket. Refunds are not considered due to cancellations by Pleasure Flights Ltd.
Certainly. The helicopter offers outstanding visibility for all passengers, so you should be able to take some memorable souvenir shots/video footage! Participants wishing to take cameras and other photographic equipment on the flight do so entirely at their own risk.
Phones need to be switched off or on to flight mode prior to embarking the helicopter.
No. The youngest passenger flown by Pennine was 3 months and the eldest 103. If the passenger is game, we are!
In the interests of passenger comfort we have an individual seat limit of 18 stone. Passengers over this weight are required to purchase a ‘double seat’, however if traveling with another passenger the combined weight will be considered. Please contact our office to discuss. In the interests of safety, the co-pilots seat has a weight limit of 16 stones.
Yes, we have ground crew who are accustomed to dealing with disabled passengers. However, we need to know the nature of the disability, e.g. if they are wheelchair bound, if they can weight bear and, if not, we need to know their approximate weight (if assistance is required for embarkation). For disabled passengers who have a carer for day-to-day tasks, the carer would be required to accompany the passenger – please telephone to discuss.
Unfortunately, the pilot is too busy to talk to all passengers. He does, however, have contact with the passenger occupying the co-pilot seat. The ground crew will chat, give a safety briefing and inform passengers of the proposed flight path (subject to Air Traffic restrictions/turbulence on the day).
The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) are in charge of public safety for aviation. They monitor companies who hold an AOC (Air Operator’s Certificate). This allows a company to fly members of the public. The flights are subject to, as appropriate, Regulation (EC) No. 889/2002. This means that when you fly with us you have insurance cover similar to with a major airline such as British Airways, Virgin etc.
Our pilot and office staff are happy to discuss any concerns or fears you may have about flying. If we still can’t reassure you, your voucher can be transferred to another individual to use.
Our usual operating hours are between 11:30am and 4:00 pm.