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Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers make an ideal gift. They can be bought online here and are not booked for a specific flight date or flight route. Instead they are valid for 12 months from your chosen start date (such as a Birthday, Christmas Day, Anniversary, Date of Purchase, etc.), meaning that the recipient can choose a flight date and venue that is convenient to them from the options we offer. Passengers experience the best sightseeing views, an exhilarating trip never to be forgotten.

We offer 6 different lengths of flight, with 5 minute helicopter rides available for just £39.00 per person. We also offer breath taking experiences on 15, 20, 30 & 45 minute Themed Flights, as detailed below.

A Gift Pack can be purchased to make the voucher more of a present and build up the expectation of the helicopter flying experience.

Standard Seat

In this seat you share the passenger area of the helicopter with up to 5 other people. Windows are from waist to roof level giving fantastic view. Passengers over 18 stones in weight can be accommodated, however they need to purchase a double seat. Since you may be accompanied by other passengers on the same flight, combined weights will need to be considered. Please contact the office to discuss.

Co-Pilot Seat Gift Vouchers

The co-pilot seat is ‘the best seat in the house’. Being in the cock-pit away from the other passengers, Co-Pilot passenger enjoy an unrivalled panoramic view. They can also communicate with the pilot, listen to Air Traffic Control, help to act as a navigator, and watch the pilot operate the controls. Please note from City Airport Manchester (Barton), flights take place in an R44. Consequently there is not a separate passenger compartment to the cockpit area. Unfortunately as the controls are ‘live’ we do in the interests of safety have to check the suitability of the person for this seat. Disabled, infirm, very elderly people or passengers over 16 stones in weight are not normally able to occupy the co-pilot seat. If the recipient of your gift voucher falls into this category, please contact the office 01457 877 833 for further advice as to whether or not they will be able to take this special seat!

Group Bookings

This allows a group or family to take over the whole helicopter, including the co-pilot seat and up to 5 passengers in the passengers compartment (depending on passenger weights). With this option the flight is more private and through prior arrangement you may request an area to fly over, such as your own property (if time and Air Traffic Control permit). A great opportunity to take aerial photos of the family home!

If buying the voucher(s) as a gift, you can specify a different address on Checkout by ticking “Ship To a Different Address”. We aim to get your tickets out to you within 24 hours of booking. All tickets are dispatched via 1st or 2nd class in a plain envelope. No helicopter logos are printed on the packaging, since we don’t want to spoil any surprises! If Gift Vouchers are needed urgently, please call us and we can email them to you.
We ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your flight time and call us on 01457 877 833 / 01457 820 152 on the morning of your flight before leaving home, to ensure there are no problems (helicopter flights are weather dependent and may need to be rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances). Voucher(s) become re-validated for 12 months from any date of cancellation by ourselves.
If the recipient wishes to upgrade an existing voucher to a longer pleasure flight, please contact our office. Current vouchers will be accepted as a credit against the cost of the chosen upgrade.