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Helicopter General Knowledge Quiz

In what year was the helicopter invented?

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Attempts to create a working helicopters can be traced back to the 15th century, but the first working prototype was created in 1939.

Who invented the first working helicopter?

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The first working prototype helicopter, was the VS-300, invented by Igor Sikorsky.

What is the fastest speed ever flown in a helicopter?

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The official helicopter FAI speed record is 249.09 mph. The record was set by John Eggington in a Westland Lynx demonstrator helicopter in 1986.

Which helicopter pilot was the first to circumnavigate the globe via both poles?

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Jennifer Murray circumnavigated the globe via both poles with Co-Pilot Colin Bodill. The trip overflew 25 countries, and took 171 days to complete.

What is the highest altitude ever achieved in a helicopter?

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Jean Boulet of France achieved 40,820 feet on June 21, 1972 in single turboshaft SA 315B Lama, which had been stripped down to reduce weight.


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